Desperately Seeking Something

from by Two Zebras

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    I think for anybody, making the decision to pursue any sort of artistic endeavour isn’t one you make consciously. It just sort of happens. It’s in the blood I guess. This music project, for better or worse, has pretty much taken over my life for the last couple of years. I’ve worked some of the worst jobs to try and survive and keep doing this and i’ve got so many friends doing the same sorta thing. On my last night in Toronto, one of my best friends and I sat in the city square and talked about our plans for the next while. Sean himself is a filmmaker. He was telling me about the film he was doing and how that despite the work he had put into it, it probably wouldn’t have the impact on indie cinema that he wanted it to. He concluded by saying “but y’know, i decided to make films. i’m not bothered about money and i can deal with working bad jobs. After i’m done with this film, I’m going to make another one. And another after that. I’m never going to stop, no matter what happens.” I couldn’t have put it better myself.

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from Dreams / Desperately Seeking Something, track released March 1, 2011
written, produced, and recorded by Daniel McGuire



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